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Bahar Forest Products was established in Kartal, Istanbul, in 1958, as a veneer producing family company. Since the day of foundation, Bahar Forest Products has set customer satisfaction as the major priority. The company continously increases service quality and enlarges its product portfolio in order to foster its active role in the market.

Bahar Forest Products with its 50 years experience in the sector imports log and timber from various countries in Africa, America and Asia. The company is the leader in its sector with 25.000 m3 log import, 10.000m3 timber production and 10.000m3 plywood production capacity.

Our company imports wood and makes production with them under three main product lines

A- Timber- facility to process timber from log with 10.000 m3 annual capacity
B- 9 latest technology, Italy made electronically controlled fully automated dryers with 750-900 m3 capacity
C- Profile production with three latest technology production lines using German machinery for producing parquet, paneling, sauna wood, deck and 2 mm and over top layer production.
D- Rina Certificated marin plywood production with latest technology fully automated machinery from Italy, Brazil and Germany. The production capacity is 10.000 m3.

Fully automated boiler system generates the needed energy for the precesses from our waste products. The production is made within 12.500m2 closed area. The investment as of 2009 is 3.450.000TL.

The large product portfolio of Bahar Forest Products serves to any expectation and requirement in the sector. Local products are from BEECH-OAK-PINE-FIR-LINDEN-WALNUT-CHESTNUT TREES Imported products are tropical trees from Asia, Africa and South America which are african logs, İROKO-SAPELLİ-AYOUS (OBECHE)-SİPO-WENGE-LİMBA-FRAKE-FRAMİRE-ACAJOU (KHAYA)-OKOUME-KOSİPO-TİAMA-TALİ-EKABA-EKOP-ANDOUNG-TETRA-DOUSİE, South American IPE-CUMARU-JATOBA ASYA,TEAK (TECTONA GRANDİS)-BANGKİRAİ. Company provides logs, timber, deck, parquet, various profiles and marine plywood for the markets.

Bahar Forest Products by adding floorings, pool side coverings, outdoor coverings, balcony and terrace floorings, sauna coverings, wainscots, boat and garden furniture, pergole and plywood production to its product portfolio became the best company in its field.

The company is the most prefferred company for international and local companies and architects. The company provides construction timber, plank, marine plywood, OSB, wainscots, flooring, baseboard and wooden border to construction sector.

As Bahar Forest Products, we would like to add you to our supplier and customer portfolio. We believe that you will find mutual understanding and respect in our relations.


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